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Trust Based Solution

QUAM™ Q7 Series

For years, companies have been choosing their own embedded computer from a huge variety of embedded solutions to meet custom needs – but these often do not meet the criteria of cyber security. Our tiny secure computers enable many companies to secure their embedded solutions by plugging our secured module on top of their chosen commercial hardware platforms – which in many times lack security by design. 


Francisco Ventures®, a cyber security firm specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative technologies, is introducing the new QUAM™ Q7 Series, a powerful tiny secure computer which was designed to provide high level security and attack resilience capabilities on top of embedded computers.


QUAM is a state-of-the-art secure computer platform with unique hardware capabilities and exemplary security features, all in a Mini-PCIe form factor and with wide compatibility. 


The QUAM™ Series was designed to operate as a complete and isolated hardware based secure computer system, thus making QUAM™ innovative platform to develop and design security applications, run multiple operating systems, store sensitive information, provide high identity protection, create a hardware-based VPN tunnel and even implement a complete RISC-V CPU over the Xilinx FPGA Core. 


The embeddable QUAM™ Q7 Series integrates a powerful Xilinx® MPSOC Ultrascale+ core for secure, high performance design flexibility and unique protection, combining physical sensors with top-notch security elements. These rich features create a complete, isolated and secure embedded computer in a tiny Mini-PCIe module. 


In addition, by using Francisco’s hardware ,companies can now easily transform from one embedded platform to another just by plugging our module on any embedded board. 

Compatible with millions of embedded systems

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