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cyber solutions architecture

​“The art of cyber security for your business continuity”

We provide Leading Cyber security services and solutions for the ICS/OT industrial domain
with Top Israeli ICS cyber security teams using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.
our experienced teams bring vast engineering and control background to ensure your cyber security goals.

Securing Computer controlled automation systems in the OT – Operational Technology world, requires vast knowledge in cyber security, but it also requires vast engineering knowledge in the automation systems and the process these automation systems are serving.
Protection of these systems, therefor, requires the provision of a strategic and tactical solutions in order to prevent and mitigate those cyber events which are directly related to the services and/or products supplied by the organization and in correlation to the way that the organization is supplying them.

About us

Scadasudo Ltd is a Cyber protection solution design office which was founded by expert professionals with unique knowledge in the OT and IT world based on vast hands-on experience in industrial control systems.
Scadasudo Ltd design and develop cyber protection solutions best suited to the threats and risks associated with the organization and its business goals.
Our experience includes versatile Power Generation and distribution companies, Water transfer and treatment facilities, Oil & Gas plants and distribution facilities, Plants from wide range of manufacturing sectors, Building management systems for campuses and data centers, Governments and Defense bodies.
Our professional teams are leaders in OT cyber security guiding top firms and organizations in achieving the highest security level, and also serve as members in cyber standards committees and standards developing groups.
In order to broaden the cyber security knowledge and skill set in the OT domain, we supply a handful of professional cyber security training that can fit any need and professional level.

ICS Domains

Power Generation Transmission &
Distribution companies
Water transfer and
treatment facilities
Oil & Gas plants and distribution facilities
Smart Cities
Building Managment Systems
and Defense offices
and facilities
Plants from a wide range of manufacturing sectors
Health Providers 
& Medical Equipment Systems
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