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HASP Analyzer®

Hardware Against Software Piracy
A Malware analysis tool for software Dongle  (Patented)



USB Dongle HASP is an electronic licensing device based on dedicated chips.

“HASP ANALYZER®”, a unique system optimized for testing of HASP Dongles devices, providing high certainty from cyber contamination of the device, with simple and fast operation.

The HASP Analyzer unlocks the device software  functionality or decodes content upon connection.

Detailed log

Supports more than 2400 drivers

Preforms 8 different malware scans

Supplies full device info
(including hidden info and driver verification)

Secured Hardened Linux Enviorment


  • Scans for hostile code.
  • Activates multiple cyber tests to validate the HASP authenticity.
  • Features a build-in anti-virus that allows the user to run a preliminary scan for suspicious files found during initial testing phase.
  • Recognizes attached data partitions on the dongle.
  • Captures unauthorized data traffic from the HASP Dongle.
  • Authenticates the communicated HASP drivers (as for today, the HASP ANALYZER® supports more than 2,400 drivers from different vendors).
  • Provides full device logs of the findings and the current HASP Dongle specifications.
  • Additional information requested by the client can be added (for example the device's power consumption)

Security Features:

  • The development process was done under strict SDLC methodology.
  • The device is protected against tamper and unauthorized access, both from the logical and the physical side.
  • The device retains its original integrity using several proprietary mechanisms. 

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