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Recent Activity

  • Scadasudo is a member of ISBU Israel Security Business Union (HLS&Cyber CEO's Union)

  • Key speaker in the International Cyber & Information Security Conference 2021 (Global Counter Terrorism Council)

  • Montevideo Uruguay CIER conference - Presenting results from full cyber maturity survey for 80 Latin America power industry companies

  • Cyber maturity survey for 150 Latin America power generation industry companies – CIER

  • Assets Mapping & Risk assessment for Ormat geothermal stations Nevada, USA


  • Risk analysis surveys for Strauss Group (Full Manufacturing floor analysis)

  • Risk assessment for IEC power stations

  • Forensics research on industrial equipment Microchips

  • Risk assessment and Pen Testing for Large bank BMS systems.

  • Pen testing for Critical infrastructure company ICS


Nachshon Pincu hosts Shay Keidar, CEO and partner @Matrix OT, and Yigal Gueta, CEO & owner @Scadasudo in a conversation about the collaboration and establishment of the "OT cyber defense Center."

All about protecting controlled systems (ICS/OT/IioT) Nachshon Pincu hosts Yigal Gueta, the founder and CEO @Scadasudo, one of the first to engage in cyber security for controlled systems and critical infrastructure.

פרק מיוחד לקראת הכנס השנתי ICS של אנשים ומחשבים. מראיין: יהודה קונפרטס. עורך: אורי אלון.

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Key speaker in the International Cyber.png
Key speaker in HLS InnoTech 2021.jpg
Key speaker in HLS InnoTech 2021 -
Critical Infrastructure OT and SDACA
Key speaker in the International Cyber & Information Security Conference 2021
(Global Counter Terrorism Council)

Training and Workshops

Leading manufacturing companies - Japan.png
Leading manufacturing companies - Japan
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-16 at 15.22.10.jpeg
Power generation sector - Vietnam
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-16 at
Power generation sector - LATAM
Power generation sector - HK.png
Power generation sector - LATAM.png
Power generation sector - LATAM
HK- Electric Generation Sector- Crowd.jpeg
Power generation sector - HK
HK Power Generation Sector-podium.png
Power generation sector - HK
Power generation sector - HK
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-16 at
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-16 at 15.30.49 (1
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-16 at
Japan - IPA 

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