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Professional Services
& Consulting

Professional Services

State level threat analysis

Harnessing our experience with Israeli government institutions including:

Israel national information security authority & INCD.

we offer our clients methodological state level cyber threat analysis to support planning of national cyber security capacity of OT & IT infrastructures.

Enterprise Architecture and Cyber Security Strategy

Methodological BIA enables the forming of a Cyber Security Strategy as a base for construction of relevant & cost-efficient Enterprise secure Architecture.

Security orchestration

Providing security orchestration capabilities by implanting automation solutions, dedicated use cases and preconfigured mitigation scenarios.

product development security 

& Compliancy

We assist manufacturers and vendors in upgrading their products security posture and prepare for compliancy with regulation (IEC – 62443, NIST, NERC, FIPS – 140, UL - 2900).

Our teams assist with product vulnerability testing, OS hardening, securing code, data validation, encryption implementations, SDLC and securing interfaces and communication down to the chip level. 

Risk analysis

ICS/OT/IOT infrastructure requires dedicated risk analysis factoring relevant operational risks, combined with cyber risks, in a business impact analysis approach (BIA).

Risk, Compliance and Assessment services

Our dedicated teams assist our customers in achieving compliancy with rules and regulations, offering auditing services and vulnerability assessment with clear and detailed gap analysis.

Methodological Red team and Pen Testing IT/OT.

We provide highly professional methodological teams for performing pen – testing & red team drills. Both remotely and on-site. All pen testing level are available (Black/Gray/White Box) depending on costumers needs & real time scenarios.

We also provide tabletop drills for operational and management levels using state of the art Training and simulation management system.   

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