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Virtual ICS Environment Simumate®

Training and research ICS lab including kinetic and virtual elements

Simu-Mate enables real life scenario based training, with full IT\OT simulation, equipped with the option of constructing the environment to match your field network on demand.

Full Environment Adjustment

Simulated L2 Traffic

Trainee Management Console

Scenario Generator 

Fast & Simple Environment Reconstruction


With the increase in numbers and sophistication of cyber-attacks, Cyber skills are becoming a most valuable asset, achieved mostly via training and experiencing.

The necessity to immediately obtain those skill requires fresh and imaginative approach with training tools that can shorten the training cycle while strengthening the level of acquired skill.  

SCADASUDO team had harnessed its long experience with training methodologies and global training facilities to develop a dedicated training environment that will help your organization to quickly develop the needed cyber skills for your employees. 

Basic Features

  • Fully operational Scada Server, Historian and operator station with functional HMI.
  • Fully operational engineering station that can be used to develop and transfer projects and logic to PLCs.
  • Fully simulated PLCs with running logic that communicates with the Scada Server and additional operator station, to simulate the effects of the attack from the operator side.
  • Attacker station for simple attack simulations with "build-in" attacks.

Additional Features

  • Support for simulation of specific protocols and PLCs
  • Simulation of advanced network topologies
  • Simulation of specific industrial processes
  • Additional skill set dedicated training

ICS Lab screenshot

Screenshot Gallery 

Simu - Mate by SCADASUDO
HMI Server
Traffic Sniffing
PLC1 - phase 1 manufacturing process
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