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S e c u r e  R e m o t e  V i e w o v e r  H D M I  t o  E t h e r n e t  D i o d e

A state-of-the-art unidirectional HDMI to Ethernet Diode for secure video streaming.
Enables information flow from the HDMI source while physically blocking any HDMI or Ethernet traffic from the remote side. High-level secured environment accomplished by Galvanic isolation of the HDMI source, supporting up to 4K quality video resolution over unidirectional Ethernet communication.

Target Applications

Cyber Security

Data Centers
remote maintenance


Isolated Industrial Control Networks


Easy network configuration
Support RTSP, RTP, UDP
Controlling mode - Over API / Web UI
Power mode - Dual 12V DC and PoE


Secure 4K HDMI to Ethernet Diode
Optical and Galvanic separation including separate power supplies
Video and embedded audio transmission quality
retained via non-compressed physical layer unidirectional HDMI
Equipped with H.264 and AAC codec technology
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