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Chain of Supply Services

SCADASUDO's team are a certified supply chain auditor accredited by the INCD.
SCADASUDO representative is a board member on the auditing committee of the Israeli standards institution for INCD chain of supply.

INCD Chain of supply compliance

  • Preparation and submittals for INCD chain of supply.

  • Full guidance of customers for achieving INCD chain of supply compliance.

  • Preparation of  policy and procedures.

  • Assistance with design and correct implementation of cyber solutions to meet INCD requirements.

Professional Lab inspection services

  • Concealed malware inspection down do embedded level.

  • Sanitization of electronic components.

  • Sterilization of electronic components.

  • Deep analysis and vulnerability testing for OT/IOT devices. (including Firmware and Binary code analysis).

INCD chain of supply categories:
1. Physical security
2.Access Control
3.Backups & Restores
4.Remote Access
5.Peripheral Protection
6.Protecting data at rest
7.Protecting Data in transit
8.End-points and servers
9.Policies & Procedures
10.Security governance
11.Data leak prevention
12.Human resources
13.Events managment
14.Supervision & Monitoring
15.Cyber security for cloud services
16.Secure Development
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