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Chain of Supply Services

SCADASUDO's team are a certified supply chain auditor accredited by the INCD.
SCADASUDO representative is a board member on the auditing committee of the Israeli standards institution for INCD chain of supply.

INCD Chain of supply compliance

  • Preparation and submittals for INCD chain of supply.

  • Full guidance of customers for achieving INCD chain of supply compliance.

  • Preparation of  policy and procedures.

  • Assistance with design and correct implementation of cyber solutions to meet INCD requirements.

Professional Lab inspection services

  • Concealed malware inspection down do embedded level.

  • Sanitization of electronic components.

  • Sterilization of electronic components.

  • Deep analysis and vulnerability testing for OT/IOT devices. (including Firmware and Binary code analysis).

INCD chain of supply categories:
1. Physical security
2.Access Control
3.Backups & Restores
4.Remote Access
5.Peripheral Protection
6.Protecting data at rest
7.Protecting Data in transit
8.End-points and servers
9.Policies & Procedures
10.Security governance
11.Data leak prevention
12.Human resources
13.Events managment
14.Supervision & Monitoring
15.Cyber security for cloud services
16.Secure Development

Scadasudo is certified as a "Cyber Compatibility Checker for Organizational Supply Chain" of the Israeli standards institution and the cyber authority,
and is a member of the supreme certification committee.


We have successfully certified a variety of companies in various sectors of the Israeli industry (and to date, has certified the largest number of companies in Israel) for the INCD (Israel National Cyber Directorate) cyber security supply chain standard 

An international high-tech company with a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs
A cyber security company which provides ICS/SCADA cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures, enabling safe IT/OT integration
A company creating technological solutions in the fields of public transportation, information accessibility for the disabled and more.
Israel's leading developer of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, for human resources management in the organization
A subsidiary of Ludan tech that creates sophisticated ticketing solutions for public transportation and parking management systems
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