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Our Team

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Yigal Goweta
CEO & Founder

​A leading cyber security specialist with over 20 years of experience, working in the field of cyber security in a variety of arenas.Holds B.Sc degree in Computers & Electrical Engineering and M.Sc degree in Business Management from New York Polytechnic.


After serving for 6 years as head of branch in the Israeli National Security Authority and one of its founders, Yigal held top level security consulting roles in the Israeli critical infrastructure companies, financial institutions and the defense sector. He is founder of ArmedPLC LTD a Company developing cyber security and cyber SCADA state of the art solutions and founder and CEO of Scadasudo LTD.


Yigal is one of the leading specialists in cyber security for SCADA and Industrial Control Systems in Israel. His experience includes leading National Cyber Security Programs, national SCADA security standards (Serving as the chairperson for cyber SCADA committee at the Standards Institution of Israel) and delivery of SCADA security audits security risk analysis and Pen testing in Israel and Europe.


Yigal is a qualified trainer and delivers cyber crisis management sessions for top management officers in a specially designed methodology with real life simulation SCADA lab.


Shachar Shem Tov

Managing company data and processes. Global responsibility for projects and delivery to end customers. Shachar brings to SCADASUDO experience in managing and leading teams of experts, project teams, and he is proficient in computer networks and systems management (CCNA, MCSE).


Daniel Last

Daniel brings to SCADASUDO over 10 years of experience in working and managing software and hardware development teams in start-up companies, delivering high-tech products from conception and strategy through market roll-out and completion. Prior to his job in SCADASUDO Daniel served as a developer system architect in an elite cyber security team in IDF Intelligence.


Ben Goweta

Senior Cyber security expert with unique proven skills with testing and protection of Complex IT systems and Industrial Control Systems, Critical infrastructure companies.More than 8 years of Experience with delivery of security audits, Pen testing, Forensics analysis, Methodologies, Policy and procedures for cyber protection. Performed PT for large organizations (Banks, Critical infrastructure companies, Defence companies and more). Expert in law voltage systems and reverse engineering and vulnerability research.


Jonathan Karni
Research Lab Manager

Jonathan brings to SCADASUDO over 11 years of experience in electronic engineering hardware & software research and vast knowledge in sanitization & sterilization of electronic equipment.


Omer Zadik

Over 5 years of experience with strategic planning of technology and research projects as an IDF team lead at multiple Intelligence units. 

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Eng. Dor Tuchman
Senior Cyber Security

Electrical, Industrial, and System Engineer, Dor brings over 7 years of experience in Project & Product Management in the Security Sector. Specialized in the integration of multi-disciplinary projects, along with the development and implementation of AI technologies and Cyber Security for SCADA systems & OT components. 


Avner Isaac
Marketing & Sales: Asia and Oceania

Marketing and Sales for the areas of Asia and Ocania.


Dganit Goweta

Dganit is a skilled manager of company processes, resources and workflow. With over seven years of succesful experience. Global responsibility for the day-to-day administrative functioning of office environment. Brings and maintains an energetic and lively energy to her role. Experienced at maintaining a positive, productive and efficient working environment.

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